More than 9 years ago, World Courier and other co-initiators founded the “Mobile for Kids” campaign.
The idea behind it was, against common practice, not to give presents to customers for Christmas, but rather to invest this saved money into a social involvement. The proceeds of the campaign are given to children who live in children’s homes, as they belong to the poorest within our society and do not have any strong lobby behind themselves. Therefore, partnerships exclusively for this campaign have been entered into with certain children’s homes.

Originating from this campaign, the idea to produce, together with children and the sponsors of the campaign, a calendar which could be sold, very quickly came into existence. The total proceeds per year include the amount of money from the sale of the calendars as well as the donations from the initiators and sponsors. Thanks to the support of many participants from the business and the private sectors, as well as the help of many volunteers, it was possible to increase the amount of donations for the children’s homes year by year.

As business relations today take place not only locally, the campaign became more and more well known over the borders from year to year. Therefore the “Mobile for kids” Campaign has become “ICARUS“ (International Children Aid Raised by United Sponsors). Taking part in ICARUS are Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary and the Czech Republic, each under the aegis of the local World Courier management.