Our recent collection of donations has shown again how easy and unconventional help can be given to receive a maximum of joy from those who receive this help. This was the outcome of our most recent donation campaign for children’s homes in Hungary and Romania.

For the third time now associates from World Courier in Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and for the first time also associates from AmerisourceBergen from the US have collected donations of used but still good children’s clothes and toys. The collection campaign happened among the families of our staff, involving their friends and relatives.
Within a short period of time a remarkable volume of donations (in total 17 pallets) was brought together and delivered right before Christmas. The result of the campaign can be put in a few words - bright eyes of children.

The remarkable aspect of this campaign is that there was hardly any money involved and can be thanked to the many participants, who engaged in it with vigour and joy. Thanks to all who have supported this campaign.
A special thanks goes to A & O Spedition GmbH for delivering the donations.

Please see for yourself in the photo documentary.